Modular Bike Storage

Secure a single bike or grow capacity with compact and flexible mounting options

Home Bike Storage

Maximize space at home with vertical bike storage

Urban Loft Bike Storage

Contemporary indoor bike storage

Commercial Bike Storage

Bike storage for public places that maximize space

SUV Bike Transport

Discover MAX bike racks for single bike storage in a tight place.  Hang at levels appropriate for children.

Our vision: Deliver space saving cycling storage solutions.  From that simple need, grew a line of storage bike racks proven to exceed expectations with sales now in all 50 states and 19 countries around the world.

VeloGrip vertical bike storage racks and floor standing bike racks have grown to cover the needs of both amateurs and devoted cycling enthusiasts as well as builders and new / remodel construction projects around the country. Ranging in sizes from one to three bikes, our bike storage racks feature swivel hooks to allow bikes to pivot flat against the mounting surface to maximize space.

Discover all VeloGrip bike storage rack options to find the ideal solution for your bikes and space.  Wall mounted and floor standing bike racks for indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, public, vehicles and more. You’ll love these durable and reliable bike storage racks that are Made in the USA.