Bike Storage Accessories

WheelStrap Wheel Set Storage

Secure Front Wheel in Transport

We offer a full range of accessories for you to outfit your new VeloGrip bike storage rack. Whether you need to replace an old or lost hook and VeloStrap, or need to increase the storage capacity of your VeloGrip bike rack with a functional wheelset storage kit where you can store multiple wheels safely, you’ll find the accessories you need from VeloGrip. Browse through all of our available bike rack accessories to buy the parts you’re looking for.

Fixed Hook
Introducing the all new VeloGrip Fixed Hook.   Designed for either road or mountain bikes, the Fixed Hook is the perfect accessory to the Home Storage Rack for those customers wanting additional options.  Aluminum construction, each hook is 2 sided and is bolted to the rack vs. the removable Velcro VeloStraps.  The fixed hook feature may be more appropriate for the customer not wanting to utilize a separate Velcro strap.  Once installed, simply hang the front wheel from the new fixed hook.  Available in black only.

VeloStraps are ‘soft hooks‘ or Velcro straps that are designed specifically for the VeloGrip bike racks.   The VeloStrap is 24 inches in length, wraps around the wheel and provides the perfect loop to hang your bike from the steel hooks on the VeloGrip bike rack.  The VeloStrap also serves as a tie down during transport between rides.  Use the VeloStrap to secure the front wheel to the frame to minimize movement on your vehicle rack.  Choose from a variety of colors to best suit your cycling needs.

Introducing the all new VeloGrip WheelStrap.  Measuring 43 inches in length, the WheelStrap stores up to 6 individual wheels. The WheelStrap is designed to hang from the VeloGrip Home Storage rack or any traditional hook.  Velcro tabs secure each wheel and parachute cording handles provide easy pull attachment. Finally a great solution to safe, compact, and easy wheel storage at home.   You can finally get those extra wheel sets off the garage floor.  Choose from a variety of colors to best suit your cycling needs.