Does the purchase of the bike rack include the VeloStraps? What is included in the package?

VeloStraps and all hardware needed to install are included with all Max, SX and Loft bike racks. You’ll receive brackets, crosspipe, hooks, scuff bars, gear hammock, hardware pack, VeloStraps and installation instructions.

Will VeloGrip ship internationally?

VeloGrip ships products outside the United States on a regular basis. All international customers are invited to purchase through our eBay store with very favorable international shipping rates. eBay will charge the shipping and handle all the customs paperwork. The order will be shipped to eBay’s international distribution center in Kentucky and then forwarded on to you or its final destination. Here is a link that will get you started:

Do you have coupons for order discounts?

VeloGrip’s pricing is designed to provide the customer with best values everyday. The family of VeloGrip customers are giving favorable feedback that the product is packed with value at current pricing.  Coupons will be offered at times giving even greater values.  See VeloGrip’s Facebook page for upcoming coupon offers.

If I hang my bikes from VeloGrip racks should I be concerned about wheel warp if the bike is hanging for extended periods? I have some expensive wheel sets on my bikes so i just wanted to make sure that this is an accepted way to store a bike? On a heavier bike like a mountain bike, would that make a difference? I have both road bikes and mountain bikes.

We have found no evidence of wheel warp caused by vertical bike storage. This is an acceptable method of storage and has been adopted by many bicycle rack manufacturers around the world. We too have expensive wheel sets from Zipp, Mavic, Hed, and DT Swiss on both mountain bikes and road bikes and have been storing them in the vertical position for the past 10 years with no evidence of warp – even when left for long periods of time. The strength of the wheel overwhelms the slight pressure involved. It was actually expensive wheel sets that we were seeking to protect that helped develop the VeloGrip bike rack to utilize Velcro straps so that no metal parts would touch the bike. Our bigger concern is the potential to damage the wheel while in use on the trail or on the road but is certainly worth the risk!

Is the VeloGrip Bike Rack produced domestically or imported from overseas?

The VeloGrip Bike Racks are 100% hand made in the United States of America.

What are the dimensions of the SX VeloGrip Bike Racks?

The widest component of the rack is the colored crosspipe. The 3 bike rack cross pipe measures 50.5 inches in width while the 2 bike rack crosspipe measures 34.5 inches in width. That said both racks are designed to fit traditional stud spacing with the wood screws spaced 48 inches apart on the 3 bike rack and 32 inches apart on the 2 bike rack.  This makes for convenient installation in garages or in homes.

Space Footprint with bikes un-attached:
2-Bike: 34” x 12.5”
3-bike: 50” x 12.5”

Space Footprint with bikes attached and perpendicular to wall:
2-Bike: 34” x 38”
3-bike: 50” x 38”

Space Footprint With bikes attached with pivot to fit flatly against wall:
2-Bike: 50” x 26”
3-bike: 66” x 26”

The rear wheel will extend beyond the rack and fits into a holder we call a kick plate and protects the wall from scuffing. This spacing also allows handlebars from farthest bike to extend beyond rack dimensions when bikes are pivoted flatly against wall.

Can I use the VeloStraps that come with the VeloGrip Bike rack as a tie down when transporting my bike?

Yes, your VeloStraps is specifically designed to protect the finish of your frame and wheel during storage and transporting.

What do I do if I have 5 bikes?

You have options here. Purchase 5 Max racks and mount them side by side. Another option is to go with the SX2 and SX3 bike racks and mount them side by side. They are all designed to store bikes side by side even when in the pivot configuration that saves space in your garage, apartment, or home.

Can you help me understand the space footprint needed for the Max modular bike racks?

When Max brackets are installed overlapping (most compact for width) the bikes can hang perpendicular to wall as well as pivot to the left or right at 30 degrees side by side.  The space footprint for this install when bikes are in 30 degree pivot position (saves floor space) would be as follows:

1 bike  – depth from wall 30 inches, width of wall space needed 40 inches
2 bikes – depth from wall 30 inches, width of wall space needed 58 inches
3 bikes – depth from wall 30 inches, width of wall space needed 76 inches
4 bikes – depth from wall 30 inches, width of wall space needed 94 inches
5 bikes – depth from wall 30 inches, width of wall space needed 112 inches
6 bikes – depth from wall 30 inches, width of wall space needed 130 inches
With Max racks installed for minimal depth from wall the space footprint would be as follows:
1 bike  – depth from wall 19 inches, width of wall space needed 42 inches
2 bikes – depth from wall 19 inches, width of wall space needed 84 inches
3 bikes – depth from wall 19 inches, width of wall space needed 126 inches
4 bikes – depth from wall 19 inches, width of wall space needed 168 inches
5 bikes – depth from wall 19 inches, width of wall space needed 210 inches
6 bikes – depth from wall 19 inches, width of wall space needed 252 inches

What is the weight capacity of the VeloGrip SX and FX racks?

The ultimate strength of the VeloGrip Home storage bike racks (SX3 and SX2 models) is 180 lbs. This measurement was determined by engineering analysis and assumes appropriate wall anchoring and bike hanging configuration with each bike properly supported by the included S hooks in the normal manner. The brackets of this rack are not designed to support weight directly to the crossbar i.e. this is not a pull up bar. The VeloGrip bike rack is designed with steel crossbar and hooks that would withstand the weight of many bikes without issue. The Velcro straps are blue label industrial strength wheel wraps with holding strength of 22 lbs. per square inch in ‘shear’ or side by side wheel wrap position. The VeloStrap usually has about 9 inches of overlap when wrapped around the wheel. In other words, the strap has 9 inches x 2 inches (width of strap) x 22 lbs. per inch or 396 lbs. of holding strength. The VeloGrip bike racks are designed to perfectly align to traditional stud spacing and come with wood screws for mounting. In the event that studs cannot be located, the VeloGrip hardware pack is also equipped with 8 hollow wall EZ anchors that are designed to hold 75 lbs. each. Mounting to studs will provide optimal strength.