The simple truth is that the VeloGrip bike rack is absolutely the best way to safely hang and store your bicycles and riding gear. There is no other rack on the market that I have found that does it all so well. The gear hammock cradles all my riding gear and being able to swing my bikes next to the wall saves all kinds of precious garage space. It’s the best looking, most functional rack on the market and the build quality is second to none. After using the three rack version for the last six months I liked it so much I am ordering a second two bike rack. Thanks Velo Grip for the great service and fantastic rack… Love it!


VeloGrip – a slick racking system that was originally designed for city folks and their cramped loft spaces. They’re named as such (they’re called the Loft2 and Loft3) They’ll hold a few bikes parallel and then allow you to pivot the bikes out of the way (tilting them closer to the wall and out of the way). They added a nice strap feature that makes storing them fairly quick as well as eliminating the cringe factor of hooking your $2-3 thousand dollar wheels onto simple metal hooks. The mounting ends are set to line up with residential construction code beams (which sit 16 inches apart) and loft or not, these are handy for multiple bikes and storing them safely in less space. There are a lot of storage options, but I’ve not come across many that have this level of quality and solid feel. They’re like industrial furnishing more so than the flimsy crap that most bike storage options are made from. These are American made and ready for sale now.


The installation was absolute cake. 20 minutes, maybe? And it looks great on the wall—really like the red rails and white hooks. I have my road and mountain bikes on the rack, and it’s pretty slick popping them on and off. And it does save space when you spin them to the side, particularly in my one-car space. Also really like the shelf above–helmets and shoes are all up there.


You will be pleased to know that the BEAUTIFUL bike rack has a place of honor on the south wall of our garage. I can’t believe how simple, durable and functional it is. It hardly takes any space and the bikes are finally out of the way. Thank you for your amazing creation.


I love both my VeloGrip racks and have referred many of my bike fit clients to you over the past year (they see my bikes racked in my studio). I’m very happy for your continued success.


Once again I want to say thank you. I am very pleased. Quality of the goods at the highest level, or as they say in USA, great job I think my friends will be jealous of me. Looks remarkably, it is much better than in photos. I understand that it will ridiculously sound, but the idea to fix (vertically hang) bicycles came to me after my dog not once overturned bicycles therefore the wall was damaged. Now my dog can’t overturn a time bicycles 🙂


The other day I made the long trip from Wichita Falls to Minneapolis. At some point along the way my wheel on the roof rack came off! But thanks to the VeloGrip strap it didn’t fly off down the road. One simple little strap saved me tons of money. Thanks VeloGrip!


We are one of those families that have a wide variety of bikes. Some nice, some not so nice, some kids and some adult. No matter where you fit in the equation, VeloGrip can help. What ever you spend on your bikes for your family, helmets and others accessories, you want them taken care of. Don’t you? Throughout our long history around this house with bikes, we are constantly amazed with how much wear and tear takes place just in our own garage. Enter…VeloGrip, an innovative solution for cyclists to keep things neat and organized and a great option for families to create more space. There is no better way to safely store our bikes from what we have seen on the market.


We bought the 3-loft grey and after the install were very happy and decided to expand with another 2-loft grey. VeloGrip had sold out at the time but eventually connected and helped me take care of that transaction directly. Very friendly. Love the product. Love the service!