Our Vision

Innovative Bike Storage Solutions…

… through a laser focus on simplicity, high quality and the concept of ‘upgrade’ in everything we do.

Our Story

It all started in 2007, when my father came to visit our newly constructed home. He is a master craftsman and during his stay put his skills to work building out the garage. The fruits of his labor resulted in a tool bench, storage shelves, and an amazing bike rack to help organize my 5 prize bicycles. This first edition or “version 1.0” wooden bike rack weighed in at a healthy 250 lbs. and offered a very convenient way to store bikes in the vertical position, utilizing 2 x 4′s frame, plywood, and some rubber coated hooks from the local hardware store. This rack turned out to be quite an amazing solution and even offered us a shelf to allow storage of helmets, shoes and cycling gear.

Fast forward to 2009, our family friend transferred to the Dallas area and needed a place to stay while getting familiarized with the Metroplex. In his short stay, we began to spitball ideas for a startup Internet business relating to my personal passion – cycling. I’m an amateur cyclist and been racing mountain and road bikes over the last decade and had gathered the expected arsenal of weapons – bikes. Lot’s of bikes! The garage was a mess.

After a zillion drawings, bent pipes, and open knuckles, we had fabricated a prototype. The 250 pound “version 1.0” had been transformed into a stunning, 13 pound, sleek, powder coated vertical storage solution or “version 2.0”. Our guiding principles were ‘simple’, ‘better’, and ‘upgrade’ for all things amazing for the amateur cyclist. The concept of ‘upgrade’ stuck and became the namesake for the company; VersionTwo.0 LLC was founded in October 2009. With a passion for high quality and desire to be fully handcrafted in the USA, we began to develop the products that make up the VeloGrip brand today.

The VeloGrip brand is now proudly at work in 50 states and 15 countries. VeloGrip is emerging with some of the hottest products in the cycling storage and transport industry. With inventory selling in traditional brick and mortar cycling shops as well as Internet retailing, VeloGrip is growing and we couldn’t be having more fun!

Thanks for checking out our website. My name is Eric (at left) and Sean (at right) and I look forward to welcoming you to the VeloGrip family! If you look closely below you’ll notice a giant VeloStrap cake that made it’s debut into Sean’s wedding as grooms cake.