Fixed Hooks for Public Settings

Gear Hammock

Max Modular Racks for Public Settings

Introducing the all new VeloGrip FX3 bicycle rack. This vertical bicycle rack storage system offers the same advantages as the Home Storage rack with one additional feature.  The FX3 rack includes a 2 sided Aluminum hook that is bolted to the rack vs. utilizing the removable Velcro VeloStraps.  The fixed hook feature is appropriate for more commercial, corporate or public settings to ensure full rack availability at all times where a lost or misplaced Velcro strap is no longer a concern.

Not only does the FX3 store bicycles vertically, but once bikes are secured onto the rack, they can be rotated to fit flatly against the wall.  You are left with more floor space, and the storage rack includes an integrated mesh cloth gear hammock shelf for storing helmets, gloves, and other cycling gear.   Because these public wall mount bike racks mount easily next to one another, you can choose a single FX3 model for 3 bicycles or mount multiple racks side by side to accommodate the capacity needs for 6, 9, or 12 bicycles to accommodate your space, whether indoors or outdoors.  Mounting bikes on the rack is easy; simply hang the front wheel onto the fixed hook.  Each hook is designed to accommodate either road bikes or mountain bikes.  Available in 3-bike capacity racks in black only.