Max Modular Bike Storage

Compact Bike Storage

Maximize Bike Storage Space

Flexible Mounting Height

The Max Modular bike storage from Velogrip is a compact wall mounted bike rack that can easily store your bike securely up against the wall of your home, office or apartment. This modular bike rack has room to hang not only your road or mountain bike, but also has room for your helmet, biking shoes and gloves by taking advantage of all of the available hooks and mesh storage shelf.

VeloGrip has designed this indoor hanging bike rack to make hanging up up bike an easy and reliable storage method. Use either a hook for your front wheel or one of our soft VeloGrip Velcro straps to hang your bike without any worry of having metal on metal contact to your expensive wheels.

The Modular bike racks are specifically designed to be able to be mounted next to each other, creating a row of racks that can accommodate all of your bikes in a compact area.