Home Storage Bike Rack

The VeloGrip vertical bike rack home storage system delivers many advantages. It’s Vertical storage with a twist! Once bikes are secured onto the rack, effortless rotation to the left or right allows the bikes to fit flatly against the wall. You are left with more floor space, and the rack includes an integrated mesh cloth gear hammock shelf for storing helmets, gloves, and other cycling gear. Because racks mount side by side, you can choose a two bike model, three bike model, or one of each to accommodate five bikes. Mounting bikes on the rack is easy; simply wrap the soft hook Velcro strap through the front wheel and hang it from the rack’s steel hook. Offered in eight different color combinations, you can choose the most attractive look to fit your gear.

home storage racks Home Storage Bike Rack

2-Bike Racks
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3-Bike Racks
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