Freestyle SUV Rack and Stand

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Freestyle is a Bike Stand

Introducing the all new VeloGrip Freestyle vehicle bike rack.  This amazing solution to vehicle bike transport is the most unique and functional solution yet for the cyclist in constant motion between rides.  The Freestyle serves as the perfect and compact home for your bikes inside the SUV, Crossover, or truck bed.  This rack handles 2 bicycles and comes in both white or black with a durable powder coat finish.  Each front fork anchors to a beefy 9 mm skewer built into the rack while each front wheel also finds a home in the wheel holders tucked in beautifully between the bike frames.  The space footprint within the vehicle is compact, easy to load, and prevents thrashing within the vehicle.  One of the most surprising functional attributes of the FreeStyle vehicle bike rack is the ability to double as a bike stand for the garage floor, parking lot, or home/apartment by holding bikes in the upright position with wheels attached!  Below information is approximate based upon the various handlebar widths and bike lengths (example below utilized medium size Cervelo road bikes – 55 CM frames)

Space Footprints measuring from outside handlebar to outside handlebar (width) and front to back (length)

Freestyle bike rack unloaded – Width 30 inches by length 10 inches

Freestyle bike rack loaded with 2 bikes on garage floor in bike stand configuration – Width 34 inches by length 65 inches

Freestyle bike rack loaded with 2 bikes in truck bed or SUV (wheels in wheel holders) Width 34 inches by length 56 inches. This makes gearing up for that time trial or prepping for mid-week CRIT a true joy.

No more leaning the bike against the car; let the FreeStyle do the work while you get ready.  For some, this will be the last bike rack ever needed.  Finally, a real solution for a cyclist and buddy heading off to the races.   Each Freestyle includes a safety strap that can be locked to vehicle anchors as added protection in the event of sudden stops/turns. Motorcycle tie down straps are required for open bed truck utilization and are not included. Pedal stem must measure 5/8 inches or below in order to utilize rack as a bike stand.

You’ll love the versatility of out freestanding bike rack. The Freestyle bike storage rack will provide you extended service due to its tough construction and durable powder coated finish. Whether you mount the Freestyle in your suv or truck bed, you’ll finally have easy transport options to move your bikes around town or across country. Browse through our Freestyle bike rack and stand to find the exact version that will suit your needs.